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I am from Croatia🇭🇷

I am a minimalist.

So far, I have visited 4 continents (Asia, America, Africa, Europe).

I have a master’s degree in marketing.

My 3 superpowers are self-discipline, extreme focus, and fast learning.  

My daily habits include waking up early, intermittent fasting, meditation, deep breathing, reading, writing, stretching, practicing piano, lifting weights, taking care of my skin, and tracking my finances and my whole life.

I have too many books on my reading list and not enough lives to read them all.

Favorite book: Direct Truth by Kapil Gupta.

Favorite movie: Limitless.

Favorite colors: black, white, navy blue and red.

Favorite animal: my cat Tomči (Tommy).

Favorite cuisine: Mexican.

Favorite activity: sex.

I don’t like cold weather, rain, and sand in my pants. 

My weak spot is YouTube and I am a sucker for Apple products (design 💙).

Something strange about me: I don’t drink alcohol or eat sweets often (except 99% dark chocolate).



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