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100 Things to Get Rid of Today

Sometimes the first step to a simpler life is actually taking a step

Here is a list of 100 things you can get rid of today.

Don’t wait for tomorrow or a weekend. Read the ideas presented here, put on good music, motivate yourself, and get started. Today.


Your life will be different in an hour or two. I promise you.

  1.  Duplicates
  2. Old magazines and newspapers 
  3. Dead or nearly dead plants
  4. Plastic hangers that come with clothes from the store
  5. Old computers
  6. Old printers, scanners, fax machines
  7. Old phones 
  8. Broken gadgets, toys, vases
  9. Other people’s stuff
  10. Subscriptions you no longer use
  11. Expired food
  12. Food you know you won’t eat
  13. Gifts you don’t like
  14. Anything that doesn’t have all of its parts (puzzles, toys, games, crafts)
  15. Just in case items
  16. Clothes that are too big or too small
  17. Clothes that are out of style
  18. Clothes in colors you no longer like
  19. Clothes with prints on them
  20. Shoes that hurt you 
  21. Socks and underwear with holes
  22. Socks without matching pair
  23. Accessories you don’t use 
  24. Scarves, hats, gloves you don’t wear
  25. Phone cases for the phones you don’t have anymore
  26. Stuff that needs to be fixed but never is
  27. Cheap sunglasses and old prescription glasses 
  28. Old pillows
  29. Old artwork
  30. Congratulation cards, birthday cards, some-special-day cards with no sentimental value
  31. Spare buttons that come in small plastic bags on clothes
  32. Chargers for something you don’t own anymore
  33. Unread books
  34. CD’s, DVD’s, VHS tapes
  35. Printer cartridges
  36. Mugs, glasses, cutlery, fine china you don’t use 
  37. Pet toys
  38. Old towels
  39. Home décor that no longer suits your style 
  40. Dusty candles
  41. Picture frames
  42. Dead batteries
  43. Calendars from previous years
  44. Hotel or sample-sized toiletries 
  45. Pens, pencils, lighters
  46. Unused holiday decorations
  47. Keychains + keys that you don’t know what they open
  48. Old wallets
  49. Broken belts
  50. Expired medications
  51. Souvenirs
  52. Furniture you don’t use that takes lots of space
  53. Products manuals, expired warranties, old receipts
  54. Plastic utensils
  55. Plastic grocery bags 
  56. Worn or stained sheets and pillowcases 
  57. Old workout gear
  58. Promotional T-shirts
  59. Lidless Tupperware
  60. Dirty carpets 
  61. Stuffed animals
  62. Pictures of people you don’t like
  63. Old curtains
  64. Uncomfortable bras
  65. Candleholders
  66. Anything with a name on it
  67. Wire hangers
  68. Damaged dishes
  69. Forgotten condiments
  70. Expired supplements
  71. Knickknacks that serve no special purpose 
  72. Office supplies
  73. Leftover paint
  74. Empty journals
  75. Old mattresses
  76. Expired coupons
  77. Magnets
  78. Unused recipe books
  79. Expired sunscreen
  80. Costumes
  81. Tools not used
  82. School/college work
  83. Happy meal toys
  84. Membership or club cards for places you have stopped going
  85. Excess home decorations
  86. Burnt out lightbulbs
  87. Bad shopping habits
  88. Bottles with just a little product left
  89. Old nail polish 
  90. Wrapping paper and gift bags
  91. Empty boxes
  92. Empty storage
  93. Samples
  94. Broken luggage
  95. Dried glue
  96. Dictionaries, thesauruses, maps, travel guides, and atlases
  97. Unused apps
  98. Social media
  99. Anything with dust on it
  100. Bad habits


Tip: If you’re a little overwhelmed by the list, print it out and go through it at your own pace



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