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15 Easy Steps to Slow Down and Enjoy Life

Slow down and everything you are chasing will come around and catch you.

Life today moves at such a fast pace that it seems to pass us by before we can truly enjoy it. Although time-saving new technology is available on every corner, we seem to be in a more rush than ever. Every second of our day is crammed with obligations. And when it’s not an obligation, it’s some form of pacifier designed to glue us to the screens. Fear of missing out (FOMO) is real for most people. But it doesn’t have to be.


We can deliberately choose to move at a slower speed. Change gear from fourth to second. Wake up early and enjoy your mornings because they are magical. Truly magical. Mornings are designed to accommodate slower-paced life. When everyone else is sleeping, you can take an hour or two and focus on yourself. Read, meditate, stretch, exercise, journal, drink coffee or tea and enjoy the sunrise. There are billions of possibilities to do in the early morning hours when the hectic world is still asleep.

Slow Down

Slow-paced life focuses entirely on you, and on how to reduce stress levels, and even the hormone balance in your body. Slowing down is a conscious choice to live life with a greater appreciation and a greater level of happiness. Here are some tips to help you slow down and enjoy life while it lasts.

One of the best ways to slow down is to take a deep breath. Deep-focused breath. If you’re stressed due to the amount of work, pause, and start breathing. Close your eyes and feel the air enter your body. With each breath, your body will become more and more relaxed, until your mind slows down, and you return to the present moment. 

Do it right now and see what I mean 😊

Drinking water has many benefits. One of them is that can slow down your life. Pour a glass of lukewarm water, squeeze lemon juice into it, and enjoy your water slowly. Be mindful of every sip you take. As it enters your mouth, the tongue receptors can sense lemon juice and as you drink it, the whole body is refreshed and slowing down.

3. Put A Song You Like

A favorite song can help you relax, put you in the moment, and slow your mind from thinking 10,000 thoughts at the same moment. It can bring back memories, put you in a good mood, and maybe even make you sing or dance. With good music, life is often easier and more joyful.

4. Meditate

The average person have between 2,000 and 3,000 thoughts per hour. That’s a staggering amount of thoughts every day. And most of them are negative. What can you do about this? Catch them while meditating and gently release them. As you do that, tension from the body will also be released, and happiness can slowly creep back into your life.

5. Be in The Moment

Focus on what’s going on right now. On your actions, on your environment, on the people around you. Don’t think about the past or the future. Just be in the moment. Similar to meditation, but can be used everywhere and anytime. On the bus, at work, at school, while shopping, etc.

Focus on whatever you’re doing, and on whoever you’re spending time with. Don’t switch between a multitude of tasks and focus on none of them – single-task instead. Focus on only one thing at a time. The task or person in front of you. Give your best, your undivided attention. When you feel the urge to multitask, pause, breathe, and return to a task at hand. You will accomplish more, and the quality of work will be higher.

7. Do Less

It’s hard to slow down when you have a million things to do. Instead, make the conscious choice to do less. Focus on the things that are really important and do only those. Use the MIT (most important tasks) technique and put only 2 or 3 tasks on the list. When you do only the things that really matter, you travel at a faster pace toward reaching your goals, even when your life is slower.

8. Disconnect

Most of us carry our phones wherever we go. Even in our toilets. Imagine, we cannot take a few moments to shit without checking the news or social media. Isn’t that crazy? Being connected means we’re subject to interruptions and new information coming in all the time. Disconnect. Your life will become slower immediately. If you work on a computer most of the day, take strategic breaks from the screen (don’t change it for a smartphone or tablet screen). Go outside and look into the distance so your eyes can rest. Blink. Breathe. Stretch. Then return and focus on MIT.

9. Savor Your Food

Instead of cramming food down your throat as quickly as possible, learn to eat mindfully. Appreciate every bite. Appreciate the flavor, culinary expertise, and texture. Eating mindfully can put you in the moment, but also has a double benefit of making you fuller on less food, and making the food taste better.

When you stop being busy and start appreciating what you already have, the feeling of gratitude will slowly come back to life. You can be grateful for many things; for family, friends, a roof over your head, food on your table, meaningful work you do, and so on. Sometimes it can be something big, like your health, and sometimes something small, like a warm pair of socks. Practicing gratitude won’t only slow down your life, but will also shift your mindset in a positive direction.

11. Appreciate Rain, Wind, Sun, and Nature

Go outside and get wet, feel the wind on your cheeks, enjoy the sun. Go into the woods, watch the sunset, listen to the chirping of birds, watch the kids play. Those experiences are magical and free. Don’t rush through life so you miss them.

12. Sit Under the Night Sky

Schedule 30 minutes and sit quietly under the stars. Observe them. Appreciate the vastness of all that is. Connect to the vast reservoir of wisdom and reflect on your life. Count the stars and acknowledge their beauty.

13. Say No, Thank you

It’s hard to slow down and enjoy life if you have too many commitments. Instead of having too many obligations, tasks and invitations, let your heart guide you when it comes to saying YES or NO. Guard your time with everything you have, and only choose the best activities.

14. Take A Day Off Each Week

Every person needs time for rest and renewal. Set aside a day each week for doing nothing. No household chores, no obligations, no unfinished work. Sleep late, go on a picnic, take a nap, watch a movie, go to nature, listen to music, talk with friends. Do whatever you want. It’s time only for you.

15. Set Aside A Few Minutes for Yourself Each Day

Schedule 30 minutes for yourself each day. The easiest way to have a few minutes to yourself is early in the morning. Use a planner because if you don’t, there is a chance it won’t happen. During your sacred time, do some steps from above, or something different your heart desires. Sit quietly, daydream, listen to beats of your heart, make love, bathe, etc. Do your favorite thing and don’t regret lost time, because it’s not lost at all. On the contrary, it’s probably the best use of it in the day. 


There is more to life than increasing its speed.


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