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25 Simple Ways to Add Value

Always seek to add value first. The best relationships are built on value and trust.

People who live intentionally constantly think about adding value to others, and by adding value to others, they add value to themselves. It’s something everyone can and should consistently do.

Adding value – contributing in any way possible – is the only way to live a happy, content life, and it’s one of the few ways to get others to believe in you.

25 Simple Ways to Add Value to People’s Lives:

  1. Be authentic
  2. Inspire someone to take action and change their life
  3. Teach someone a new skill
  4. Show someone what a healthy diet could look like
  5. Create something someone can use 
  6. Give someone your full attention
  7. Just listen
  8. Support someone in finding their purpose
  9. Talk with someone about life and death
  10. Show someone a better way
  11. Show someone how to do something  
  12. Just be there for someone
  13. Show someone how daily meditation can enhance their well-being
  14. Lead by example
  15. Lift someone up with your words
  16. Show the benefits of minimalism to someone
  17. Provide a new perspective
  18. Make someone feel important
  19. Start a podcast, blog, or YouTube channel to share your knowledge with the world
  20. Give money to someone who really needs it 
  21. Take someone with you on a trip to nature 
  22. Be a shoulder to cry on
  23. Make someone laugh 
  24. Write a book
  25. Love people and make them happier

No matter what we do and how often, if we don’t do it without an ulterior motive, we won’t feel good, happy, and content. Therefore, adding value to others must be a genuine act of selflessness

Make adding value to others your mission and your life will change forever.

Not adding value is the same as taking it away.

Who added value to your life today? Did you add value to anyone today? 

Let me know in the comments below.




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