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30 Day Minimalism Challenge

Interested in minimalism but don’t quite know where to start?

Start with this simple 30-Day Minimalism Challenge.

Challenge is comprised of 30 easy assignments that will help you simplify your home, schedule, and mental load.

If you want to live a simpler, more intentional life with more time and energy to do the things you like, let this month be your month of change and embrace this simple challenge.

Share this challenge with a friend or family member for more fun and accountability.

Reclaim your life!

Let’s do it.

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Day 1. Write your best qualities

Day 2. Walk your house with a donation bag

Day 3. Create an inbox system for your papers

Day 4. Delete old emails, pictures, and files from your computer

Day 5. Declutter your bathroom drawers

Day 6. Clear one flat surface from clutter

Day 7. Clear one drawer from clutter

Day 8. Toss oversized clothes, old undies, socks, clothes you don’t wear anymore, etc.

Day 9. Get rid of shoes you no longer use

Day 10. Go through your books

Day 11. Cancel unnecessary subscriptions and memberships

Day 12. Don’t buy anything for a week

Day 13. Go out without a phone

Day 14. Turn off notifications

Day 15. Just relax whole day, you’ve done an amazing job so far

Day 16. Toss out expired food

Day 17. Declutter your car

Day 18. Do one load of laundry

Day 19. Toss old memorabilia, souvenirs, and knick-knacks with no special sentimental value

Day 20. Clear out your skincare/makeup collection

Day 21. Get rid of storage

Day 22. Get rid of duplicates

Day 23. Get rid of everything you haven’t used in a year 

Day 24. Adopt One in, One out rule

Day 25. Clear out your junk drawers

Day 26. Discard everything you have just for the sake of appearance 

Day 27. Discard something even if it sparks joy

Day 28. Rent what can be rented 

Day 29. Find your own minimalism

Day 30. Repeat as often as needed until you reach your own minimalism, your own enough

Tip: Print a copy of this calendar or save an image to your phone so you have a constant reminder to complete the daily challenges.


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