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35 Reasons Why Working for Yourself is Better

In a previous post, we talked about the reasons why you should never have a job, and today we’ll cover the reasons why working for yourself is better.

These are from my own experience. Your experience may differ, depending on your situation and the type of business you’re in.


Without further ado;

Here are 35 reasons why working for yourself is better than slaving for others.

  1. Freedom! I repeat, FREEDOM!
  2. Flexibility with working hours
  3. No boss, master, or bad colleague
  4. Vacation days whenever you want
  5. You can choose what to work on, and what not to
  6. Work from home
  7. Live wherever you want, in an urban area or the middle of a forest (depending on your connectivity ofc)
  8. Casual Friday is every day
  9. No commute
  10. No boxed lunches
  11. Getting laid isn’t possible
  12. No pointless, boring meetings
  13. No crappy office coffee
  14. Who you work with is up to you
  15. In most cases you don’t need to do things you don’t want to
  16. Your earning potential depends only on your creativity and willingness to work, therefore it’s infinite
  17. No corporate bullshit, manuals, or policies 
  18. Diversified income streams 
  19. You can actually create financial security for yourself (you won’t fire yourself, right?)
  20. Build your brand
  21. Build your legacy
  22. Choose your own path
  23. You can make money while you sleep, swim, rest…
  24. Surround yourself with people you care about
  25. Sleep whenever you want
  26. Work on projects that will actually change the world 
  27. You only need to make yourself happy
  28. No waiting for retirement
  29. Multiple paydays
  30. You don’t need to sit at a desk in a cubicle under fluorescent lights
  31. No need to work full time
  32. No need to work with people you don’t like
  33. Learn more and worry less
  34. Follow your dreams
  35. Control your destiny


Working for yourself is the ultimate freedom, but that doesn’t mean it’s always perfect. It’s a lot of hard work, struggle, and fear, but at the end of the day, it’s worth it.



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