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7 Questions to Ask Before Buying

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We all want something. I’ve never met a person who doesn’t have some sort of a desire/wish.

Even people who know what is enough, really want something from time to time.


As long as we make good decisions with our resources, there is nothing wrong with wanting and buying things. The problem arises when we start making impulsive decisions based on our need for comparison, and give in to our desires, therefore ending up in debt.


Before committing to buy something, ask these 7 questions. There is a chance you may walk away empty-handed 😊

1. Do I really need it or just want it?

Examine your true motives. Do you want new item because you want to impress someone? Or you’re making a purchase because you think you should have it?

The one beyond the price tag.

Enough is different for different people, and you might already know what enough is for you. If not, ask a few questions to find enough in your life.

4. What will I do with it?

What do you plan to accomplish with the new item? Will using the item contribute to a specific goal you have? Or will it increase your overall quality of life? Really think about your plans for the item, and consider a realistic plan for its use.

5. How often will I use it?

How often do you intend to use the item? If you’re buying something for one use/one wear think twice before committing to purchase. There are other ways you can get what you need for one-time use.

You may use an expensive coffee maker every day, and get its worth, but buying a cheap blender you might only use 5 times is not the best use of your money.

6. Will I still want it in 24 hours?

Impulse purchases – the worst kind. To resist them, you need a plan. The one I use is called a wish list strategy. For each future purchase, first put it on the list and then wait for the X number of days before the purchase. The costlier the item is, the longer you should wait.

7. Is this purchase worth delaying my freedom?

Do I want this item more than I want my freedom? Dave Ramsey said it best: “Don’t give up what you want most for what you want right now.” Maybe it’s freedom from debt, freedom to work less, freedom to travel… choose your own freedom.



P.S.: you don’t have to ask yourself all the above questions every time you make a purchase, but having one or two in your arsenal before each purchase can prevent impulse shopping decisions you may regret later. 


If you have any cool or useful questions to add, write them in the comments below.



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