True Change Today

April 2021

Our Things are Alive

Our things don’t just exist, they send us silent messages. And the more we neglect them, the stronger and louder messages will be.

Comparison is The Thief of Joy

Want to know how to make yourself instantly unhappy? Compare yourself with others.

How Minimalism Helps Resist Comparison

When you start your minimalism journey and get rid of lots of unnecessary possessions, you start to win a comparison game.

25 Stoic Quotes to Live By

A common misconception about Stoicism is that Stoic is a man who is fearless and emotionless. The truth is quite different.

My Minimalist Day

Tell me, how does your day look like? Or even better, show me your schedule and I’ll tell you what your priorities are.

Slow Down

Life will always be busy, but that doesn’t mean there is no time to slow down. Did you ask the same question?: “Where did my time go?”

9 Ways to Slow Down

Living slowly allows us to gain more time for the things that matter most to us. When we define what that is, our time slows down.

True Change Today – Read More

Books carry centuries of knowledge and wisdom, and we have the opportunity to learn from the world’s best mentors.

How to Find Time to Read?

Reading improves our ability to focus, increase knowledge, enhance vocabulary… The right book can change our lives forever.

25 Books that Changed My Life

Books changed my mind, my body, and my life. And countless books later here I am, aware that the more I read, the less I know.