August 2021

Scarcity vs Abundance Mentality Part Two

As the famous quote suggests: “The secret to having it all is believing you already do”. You’re the only person who has the freedom to choose.

Scarcity vs Abundance Mentality Part Three

See the differences between scarcity and abundance mentality. We all have a choice. Which one will you choose?

Change Without Change

Why do people keep repeating the same old mistakes? Why do they expect change without action? Change without change?

Nothing Changes Without Action

Change happens at the moment we decide we want to do it and then follow through with immediate and consistent action.

55 Simple Tips for Living Life to The Fullest

I want to share with you a few simple tips I use to live my life to the fullest. Sometimes minor changes can make a world of difference.

Power of A Personal Uniform: What is A Uniform?

Clothes, at the end of the day, are just things we put on our bodies. What matters is how they make us feel… ordinary or unique.

Power of A Personal Uniform: Benefits of A Personal Uniform?

We will explore the benefits of wearing uniform. The same outfit every day may sound a bit boring, but the benefits it brings are astounding.

Power of A Personal Uniform: How to Create A Personal Uniform?

Creating a personal uniform is easier than it looks, wear it proudly. Don’t worry about the opinions of other people.

Power of A Personal Uniform: True Change Today Challenge – Create A Personal Uniform

We covered what a uniform is, the benefits, and how to create it. We were preparing for today’s challenge: Create a personal uniform.