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Change Without Change

All we currently have is a byproduct of our previous decisions and thinking. Albert Einstein said it best:

Doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results is a definition of insanity.

So why then do people keep repeating the same old mistakes? Why do they expect change without action? Change without change?


The truth is, all those people who keep saying they want to change but do nothing about it, don’t really want to change. Why do I think that? Because I deeply believe that actions are more powerful than words. We can all say many things, but if actions don’t follow them, they are just ideas, aspirations, dreams… We all want to change, as long as it doesn’t interfere with our daily lives, or as long we don’t have to make big, hard decisions. 

The saddest thing is that we can fool people around us, heck, we can even fool ourselves sometimes, but deep, deep down we know the truth. In the quiet moments of our lives, when the noise of everyday life stops, the truth comes out. Slowly and quietly. At that moment, our mind and heart are connected and synchronized. They send us messages that if we want to live a life of true joy, fulfillment, happiness, and meaning, we need to take action. 


Change without action doesn’t exist, so change without change is just a dystopian dream.


I challenge you to think and decide what you truly want. Do you want to live the same life as now, or do you want an extraordinary life full of possibilities and lavish rewards?


Leave your ego and start a journey towards a better self. 



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