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Christmas Gift to You

Merry Christmas, everyone. I hope you have an amazing day in the company of your loved ones.

2020 has been an incredibly challenging, transformative, and life-changing year for all of us. In some ways, life went on as usual; we were still expected to show up at work, babies were born, the world kept spinning. But in other ways, it was like no other year we’ve experienced in our lifetimes.

2020 changed us, and it changed people around us. Change is inevitable in times like these. Inevitable because it is forced onto us.

But we grow the most when we are out of our comfort zones.

2020 gave us an opportunity to reconsider our values, worldviews, and life philosophy. How are we going to live, what is important, and what is not.

Gift of Change

My gift to you this Christmas is a gift of change. It is okay to not be perfect because nobody is. We all have tremendous potential and we need to use it. True change starts today. Not tomorrow, not next Monday, not on January 1st. True change starts when you decide that you want to change. No matter where you are in life, and how easy or how hard life has been on to you until now.

Decide today that you want it and then make a series of small steps in the right direction. Many of us have been running towards our dreams and goals, running, but in the wrong direction. What if everything we ever wanted is not actually what we want at all? What if the current world gave us the wrong ideals to follow? Or did we choose them by ourselves?

Today, nothing is important anymore. Today is the last day of our previous lives. We learn how to live every day. We choose the path we will take, but only if we decide that. Nobody can impose change on us if we truly don’t want it.

Decide, execute, and live.

Today. Not tomorrow.

No regrets.


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