True Change Today

Don’t Read This If You Want to Be Ordinary

I don’t want ordinary.
It’s not in my nature.

Do you want to live an ordinary life? Then this blog is probably not for you.

There comes a point in every journey when you have to tell certain people they can’t come along for the ride. I think it’s time I set proper expectations about who True Change Today is being written for.

True Change Today

True Change Today is about living a meaningful life in order to live the life of your dreams

Everyone has different dreams, and this blog needs to enable you to go and catch them

My dream is to work from anywhere in the world while enjoying life and living every second of it to the fullest. 

Your dream may be having a big house, 2 cars, a steady job, and a big mortgage. And there is nothing wrong with that. You can still benefit from the many topics I cover here.

True Change Today is for people who:

  • Need change
  • Want to improve
  • Are not afraid of a good challenge
  • Want to succeed in life
  • Want to be free
  • Want to retire early
  • Want to live life to the fullest
  • Want to live with less stuff
  • Want to travel more
  • Want to go to the next level
  • Want to kill bad and implement good habits
  • Want to challenge status quo
  • Want to go beyond the comfort zone

True Change Today is not about:

  • Accepting the status-quo and embracing mediocrity
  • Settling for less because you think you are not good enough
  • Being happy at your day job until you’re 65 and ready to retire
  • Purchasing tons of material stuff because advertisement told you so
  • Buying expensive, branded things and going shopping as a form of fun 
  • Being content with your life how it is right now

Why Am I Saying This?

I am writing this from the perspective of how I’m actually living my life. It’s not as hard as it seems, and it’s also not as easy, but it’s definitely worth it. The freedom and growth you experience are like hooks for not returning to the old ways

I’ve found a way to live freely in a society that wants you to comfort, spend more money than you make, and settle for less than the best. I want to share this with you to help you change your perspective of the truths we’re all living.

If you’re interested in following it, amazing, if not also good. This is simply one dream, and there are many others worth living and following. If you decide to follow it, take what you want, leave what you don’t, and if you find meaning in the words on this blog, please share them with friends and family. It would mean a world to me 😊

Escape the ordinary.

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