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Everything I own Updated

When you love what you have, you have everything you need.

A few months ago, I counted all my possessions. Although the number was not quite large then, now is the time for an update. In the meantime, I moved across the world and thus limited what I own to one medium suitcase, one weekender bag, and one 15l backpack.


I used the same rules as before so they are here as a reminder:


Before I get to the exact numbers, I just want to outline the rules I’ve imposed on myself. They are different for everyone, so if you want to count your own possessions, create them, or adopt mine, tailored to your own liking.

Rule No. 1

I am counting every single item that I consider only my own.

Rule No. 2

Shared items like furniture, kitchen utensils and, perishables didn’t get into account.

Rule No. 3

I am not pairing anything, not even underwear, socks, etc.; if I have 7 pairs of socks, then this is counted as 7, not as 1 of something.

Rule No. 4

No cheating because you are only deceiving yourself, not anyone else.

Rule No. 5

When you start, do nothing else until you’re done.

Having the rules set in stone, I embark on my journey to reveal the truth.

Everything I Own

Clothes: 67

dress shirts: 6

casual shirts: 3

suit jacket/sport coat: 2

jackets and coats: 1

sweaters, cardigans, vests: 3 

pants: 5

short pants: 6 

         -dress: 2

         -gym: 2

         -home: 2 

short sleeve T: 14

                -city: 5

                -gym: 4

                -home: 2

                -undershirt: 3

tracksuit: 2

underwear: 23

          -boxer briefs: 11 

          -tank tops: 2

          -socks: 10

swimming trunks: 2

Shoes: 9

      -boots: 1

      -formal shoes: 3

      -sneakers: 3

      -sandals: 2

Bags, luggage: 4

Technology: 23

Gym accessories: 8

Accessories: 17

            -ties: 4

            -hats, scarves, gloves: 3

            -belts: 4

            -watches: 4

            -wallets and cardholders: 2

Other: 37

        -including water bottles, comb, pictures, Moleskine, Uni-pin pens, scissors, razors, etc.

Total count: 165

The process of minimizing my possessions from 455 to 165 things opened me up to loving everything I own rather than tolerating possessions, just in case. Now everything I own has some significance to me

I can wear my favorite clothes every day, use my favorite electronic devices every day, and enjoy more free time than ever. 

I considered myself a minimalist when I had 455 things, but now I feel like a true one. Yes, yes, I know some people have less than 100 things, or less than 50, but that’s not the point. The point is to have everything you need, and right now I have everything I need.

That doesn’t mean my needs won’t change in the future, they definitely will, and then I might have even fewer things – close to my ultimate goal100. Or maybe I’ll have a little more. Who knows. 

If something stops adding value to my life I’ll remove it from it, but I don’t plan on updating my list every time I get rid of something. Rather, this list is a point of reference for me – an inventory of my life for July 2021.

Everything is Replaceable

When you start downsizing, you realize that everything is replaceable. There is almost nothing on my list that I would be terribly sad to lose tomorrow.

That being said, it would be pretty inconvenient for me if my passport, computer, and phone disappear, but after all, even they are replaceable. My passport has no sentimental value but is important because I’m living in another country and the hassle of dealing with the government is just not needed.

Losing my computer and phone would be annoying because of the data I have on it, but that’s all backed up and I could have another computer/phone set up with my data tomorrow if I lose them today. 

When you realize that everything is replaceable with a little bit of leg work, one starts to wonder why we try to hold on to things so hard.

How much stuff do you have?

Are you afraid to know the real number? The actual truth?


P.S.: You don’t need to count your stuff to be a minimalist. But maybe in doing so, you can reveal something about yourself that you didn’t know is there.



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