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How Much is Enough

What is enough?

Enough is different for different people.

Enough is dependent on our own definition of it.

For some of us, enough means to have our basic needs met.

For some of us, enough means having a lavish mansion and garage filled with luxury cars.

For some of us, enough means having walking closets full of designer clothes, bags, and shoes.

For others, enough means having a few articles of clothing, one pair of shoes, and one travel bag where everything fits in, to move fast when the wish for changing places arises.

Enough is sometimes viewed as a distraction, and sometimes it can show us the way.

Enough means different stuff for different people.

Enough changes as our needs and circumstances change.

Enough change as we grow.

What today is considered as enough, maybe won’t be enough tomorrow. Or maybe it will be too much.

Enough can fit perfectly in a bag or sit comfortably on a big leather couch.

Enough shows in our daily actions.

Enough can be seen in our decisions.

Enough was different in our past.

Enough can change in our future.

Enough can change us.

Enough is unique, enough is different, enough is beautiful.

Be enough.

Have enough.

Let’s be enough for each other.


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