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How Much is Enough

What is enough?

Enough is different for different people.

Enough is dependent on our own definition of it.

For some of us, enough means to have our basic needs met.

For some of us, enough means having a lavish mansion and garage filled with luxury cars.

For some of us, enough means having walking closets full of designer clothes, bags, and shoes.

For others, enough means having a few articles of clothing, one pair of shoes, and one travel bag where everything fits in, to move fast when the wish for changing places arises.

Enough is sometimes viewed as a distraction, and sometimes it can show us the way.

Enough means different stuff for different people.

Enough changes as our needs and circumstances change.

Enough change as we grow.

What today is considered as enough, maybe won’t be enough tomorrow. Or maybe it will be too much.

Enough can fit perfectly in a bag or sit comfortably on a big leather couch.

Enough shows in our daily actions.

Enough can be seen in our decisions.

Enough was different in our past.

Enough can change in our future.

Enough can change us.

Enough is unique, enough is different, enough is beautiful.

Be enough.

Have enough.

Let’s be enough for each other.


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16 Responses

  1. How you can fit your enough with other’s enough?
    Minimalism is a trend now but it doesn’t mean that you can see it with all people.

    1. You only look for your enough. Enough is different for everybody. Comparing enough’s is useless. Different people, different history, different thinking – there is no way to have the same enough. As there are no two identical fingertips, there are no two identical enough’s either.


  2. Before reading it my immediate thought was what’s enough totally depends on the person, their level of comfort, their basic needs, and how they want to live. I would love to be an extreme minimalist to get rid of more, but my comfort level and life style don’t fully match it. Family and friends are a big part of my life, therefor I could never get rid of all my furniture because their comfort matters to me.

    1. Dear Alicia,

      I think you can still be an extreme minimalist even if you have extra furniture or few extra things to accommodate friends and family (plates, cutlery, glasses, etc). You can just move all surplus when you’re alone in a separate cabinet/room and enjoy the benefits of clean space until you have a visit.


  3. I have this thought in my head that one knows they have *enough* once the thinking about enough stops.
    In a sense that if one has too much they often think about decluttering or are questioning the need of stuff they have (do I need this shirt I haven´t worn in a month?) and if one doesn´t have enough they always have to think about the lack (I have no fresh T-shirts left till the next washing).
    Once one no longer has to deal with those questions, I would say, that they have just enough and are in contact with their true authentic needs. And it would aplly to all aspects of life, not just physical stuff.

  4. I think enough is what meets our basic needs and then some items that are sentimental or bring us happiness. Also, we should be considering not just our own needs but those of other life that we share the planet with. Big homes displace the homes of non-humans and also what we depend on for survival. Buying new stuff supports pollution and the use of natural resources.
    I am not perfect by far but I always consider what my impact is on the planet and other humans and non-humans.

    1. Dear Vanessa,

      I really like and support your view about other non-humans (I think you refer to animals and plants here) and our planet in general. There is already too much pollution and destroying of our planet, so we don’t need to add to it. Our actions needs to be a reflection of our values and believes, and this is how we live a meaningful life of enough.
      Keep doing good job.
      Let’s save our planet together 🙂


      1. in normal society enough isn’t a thing and I think with minimalism its no different.
        Take for example someone who so badly wants to become a millionaire. They work their butt off and make it there… but now they’re associating with people with 5 million so suddenly that one million doesn’t seem like enough so their new goal is 5.
        Or someone’s at the store and gets everything on their list, but that giant shopping cart seems a bit empty so they pick up even more thinking that they don’t have enough.
        Then you have minimalism. Someone can declutter but look around and think “oh hey i haven’t decluttered enough.” Then maybe they wanna shed down to 1,000 items. They get there and think “this isn’t minimal enough.” Then the goal becomes 500… then 100… then 50…
        I think enough simply isn’t a word that matches reality and is grounded in a scarcity mindset no matter what end of the spectrum its on.

        1. Dear L,

          I like your point of view. I must admit that I’ve never think of it that way, but you certainly got the point. Especially the part that enough is grounded in a scarcity mindset.


  5. I’m at the point where I know I have enough but I still have wants, like wanting to lounge in my new back yard except I think we live on a huge ant hill… now I want a lounge chair. I haven’t had a yard I wanted to hang out in for over 10 years.
    I just finally found a fashion style I like.
    I want to hang dry my clothes but don’t have a rack or line.
    I have a milk crate with my “beauty goo” collection…
    With my recent move I couldn’t take my wardrobe so I tried to keep my clothes in my cedar chest… what a mess! My roomie got a dresser set and couldn’t get one dresser up the stairs, so I lucked out for a while until I have to buy my own…
    It’s a balancing act that’s like a puzzle but I’m very much enjoying it!

    1. Dear Sheila,

      Your answer about balancing is amazing. I really like it.
      Keep doing good work.


    1. Dear Veronica,

      I agree, but for everyone basic necessities will be different. That’s why founding your own enough is deeply personal experience, and nobody can judge it.


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