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How to Find Enough in Your Life


This blog post is intended to be read after reading the previous one called How Much is Enough.

Enough is different for different people. We are all free to choose what enough is for us. Some may be overjoyed by a quiet, monk-like existence, while others may crave a life filled with adventure, collections, and conversation. Either end of the spectrum can create happiness and joy, but if we don’t understand what enough looks like for us, we will always feel we need more. Sure, we all need something to live, but more often than not, we need far less than we think we need and far less than we already possess.

But how would you know if you have enough right now?

Here are 6 difficult questions to find your own enough:

(Be honest with your answers because they can reveal what enough is for you).

1. Are You Happy With Your Life As It Is Now, or Do You Want to Change Something?

Do you enjoy how things are at the moment, or would you rather do something different, be somewhere different, have something different? If you’re happy with the way things are, you may already have enough, but if you are not, then there is a chance you haven’t find enough yet.

2. Are You Happy With The People Around You, With The Activities You Do Every Day (this may include going to work, cooking, cleaning, going to the gym, reading, watching TV, etc.), and With Things You Own?

We are all surrounded by many people on a daily basis; family, friends, coworkers, acquaintances, etc. But are they the best people for us? Are they helping us grow, are they challenging our opinions, are they there for us when we need them most? If not, eliminate them. I know this sounds radical, but you need radical change if you want to live the best life there is. 

Do you enjoy going to work almost every day of the year? Do you enjoy cleaning the house, going to the gym, cooking… or would you like something to change? Maybe change your job, watch less TV, cook less, or cook healthier meals, read more, train more… Eliminate everything that doesn’t bring you happiness or value. 

Our possessions define us, but only if we allow them to. Having a big house, fancy car, or branded clothes doesn’t mean we’re successful. There are people who have nothing and are far more successful than we think. Reassess all your possessions and be honest with yourself if they bring you any happiness and value.

3. Do You Think You Are Currently Missing Something in Life in Order to Thrive?

Maybe your life is perfect as it is, or maybe you miss that new computer that just got introduced, or that new sweater, or one more course or a college degree in order to thrive. Identify what is important and do it ASAP. Anyway, you don’t just want to survive; you want to thrive.

4. Do The Things You Want in Order to Thrive, Have to Be Branded or Expensive? Or Do You Need to Show Your Worth to Friends and Family With Them?

Our worth is not in our appearance or our stuff. Our worth is in us.

5. Examine Your Ideas of Comfort, and Then Look at What is Really Necessary to Have, and What is Just Luxury.

We all want things we are well aware we don’t need. But enough is not just food, water, and shelter. Enough is much more than bare necessities, and it is different for all of us. 

You may think you need to have a brand new, really expensive, high quality car to drive from point A to point B. Or maybe you can use a reliable used car. Maybe you can bike to where you need to go. Or even walk. We all live in different climates, cities, living conditions, etc., therefore our needs and comfort levels are different for all of us.

Recognize what is a luxury and what is a necessity for you, and then stick to it until you reevaluate what is enough. When we limit ourselves, we realize that we can do way more than we thought we could, and our level of comfort and enough changes.

6. What Do You Already Have That is Not Necessary for Survival, Comfort, Happiness, and Thriving?

How much of your stuff and activities go beyond what you really need? Do you really need them? Do you have them and do them only because they have always been there, or do they go beyond the concept of enough? Be honest with yourself and remove anything that doesn’t add value or bring you lasting happiness.


Knowing the answers to these 6 questions can give you some insight into what kind of people you need in your life, which activities you want to do and what material things you need beyond the bare necessities as food, water, and shelter. As soon as you start looking for others to help assess what enough is for you, you often end up wanting way more than you actually need.

Maybe you already have enough, but you didn’t knowMaybe you need more to have enough. Or maybe you need to reduce your stuff, activities, and people around you to have enough. You decide where you are, what is enough, and what you want from your life.

To me, enough means to be light on my feet, quick in my decisions, and not burdened by too much stuff. 

Do I have enough?

I think I have more than enough, and I need to be grateful for it every single day.

What is enough for you?

Let me know down in the comments. 

I would like to end with the following words from Nikki Banas; Walk the Earth, because of her words I got inspired to write the last two blog posts.


You have what it takes. You are strong enough. You are brave enough. You are capable enough. You are worthy enough. It's time to stop thinking otherwise and start believing in yourself because no one else has the dreams that you have. No one else sees the world exactly like you do, and no one else holds the same magic inside. It's time to start believing in the power of your dreams, my beautiful friend. Not next year, not next month, not tomorrow, but now. You are ready. You are enough.



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