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Less is Better

Less is better.

Less means you’re lighter.

Less means you’re freer.   

Less means you’re faster.

Less is better.

Less means you spend less money. 

Less means you buy less stuff.

Less means you need less space.

Less is easier to clean, repair, maintain.

Less is better.

Less means silence.

Less means you can focus on the things that truly matter. 

Less means you can pack quickly and travel lightly.

Less is better.

Less means less worry.

Less means less comparison.

Less means less stress.

Less is better.

Less means less anchors.

Less means less work.

Less means less obligations.

Less is better.

Less is more time.

Less is more meaning.

Less is more freedom.

Less is more change.

Less is more happiness.

Less is more beautiful.

Less is more.

Have less. Be more. 



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