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Lessons Learned the Hard Way

It will be a long time before I forget my driver’s license again. That’s because today I almost got a fine. Usually, when going to the gym I just grab my gym bag, water bottle, and car keys and head out. More times than not I forget my wallet at home. Today was one of these days…

And now I know where I keep everything I own (thanks to minimalism and my organizational habits). Before I spent time searching for car keys, sunglasses, wallet, etc. I was frustrated, angry, stressed. Not anymore. Because of previous mistakes of searching for items, my brain now takes care of every single item I own.

It’s hard to realize someone just used you. Not everyone who says “I love you” really means it. Some people say it when they’re horny to get you to respond. Some say when they’re lonely. Some when they want you to listen to their problems. Some say just because they have nothing better to say. Talk is cheap, just dead words with no actions to back it up. If someone says I love you, I hope that person means it. I learned that the hard way…


We all have ups and downs but a person who learns from the downs will eventually grow. It’s like a muscle, the more you exercise the more it will get sore, tear up, and come back stronger. 

That’s how we learn most of the things we know today. We make mistakes, we fail, we get stressed, we cry, but eventually, we learn. We learn the hard way.

It’s said that anything worth learning is worth learning the hard way. Or is it?



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