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Minimalism is Freedom

Freedom is something everyone heard about, but if you ask for its meaning, then everyone will give you a different definition of it. When you say freedom, some will think of freedom in a political sense, some about social freedom, some about freedom of speech, and others about personal freedom. 

What then is freedom?

Freedom is a state of mind. Freedom is an opportunity to live your life as you want.

You can be free working a full-time job, having a mortgage for a big house, car payment, and a pet.

You can also be free living from a backpack, exploring the world, trying new food, and not having too much stuff.

Everyone chooses their own freedom, and no one can say that it’s restrained because of this or that (except the prisoners), since we have chosen almost everything in our life.

At one point in life, you chose to get employed by this particular employer, and you were thrilled when you finally got the job. You have also consciously bought a house too big for your family. Or too small. You chose to have a pet. All your actions are the results of freedom of choice.

How Minimalism Brought Me Freedom

Excess possessions have the power to enslave us physically, psychologically, and financially. When you realize that, minimalism turns out to be a shortcut in life. Shortcut to freedom. You spend less time, energy, and money on things that don’t really matter, so you can focus only on the essentials, thus increasing your freedom. You ran away from the trappings of the modern world, from debt, clutter, overbooked schedule, and all the things you don’t like anymore.

Minimalism = Freedom

Less Stuff = More Time

Less Spending = More Money

Less Worry = More Hope

Less Items = More Space

Less Obligations = More Passion Projects

Less Location Ties = More Traveling

Less Planning = More Doing

Less Diets = More Healthy Living

Less Alcohol = More Water

Less Comparison = More Freedom from Fear, Worry, and The Trappings of The Consumer Culture

Less Driving = More Walking

Less Work = More Play

Less Indoors = More Nature

Less Losing = More Winning

Less Ego = More Excellence

Less Frowning = More Smiling

Less Complaining = More Encouraging

Less Clothes = More Closet Space

Less Furniture = More Room

Less Stress = More Sleep

Less Doubting = More Believing

Less Talking = More Listening

Less Fear = More Adventure

Less Anchors = More Freedom

Less Hate = More Love

Less Sadness = More Happiness

Less Consuming = More Creating

Less Busywork = More Impact

Less Noise = More Silence

Less Uncertainty = More Meaning

Less Stuff = More Life

Less = More

Less = Better

Less = Freedom

Minimalism = Freedom



Minimalism can help in all that. Considering this, minimalism is a lifestyle that can give us true freedom.



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