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Take More Risks

If you want it, go for it. Take a risk. Don't always play it safe or you'll die wondering.

There are two common assumptions that holds true:

  1. You will never achieve your dreams if you never take risks
  2. You won’t just ‘get lucky’


In order to achieve your dreams, you need to both take risks and learn about how the world actually works – which is not always as everyone tells you it works. 

“How to follow your dreams and make the risk negligible?” Use minimalism as a life hack.

How Minimalism Can Help You to Take More Risks

Step 1. Eliminate Everything in Your Life that You Fear to Lose

If you want to pursue your wildest dreams, you would want to eliminate as much risk as possible. And to do that, you need to eliminate everything in your life that you fear to lose. You can’t feel the pain of loss if you have nothing to lose. Give away the Porsche, get rid of 55’’ TV, downsize to a smaller house, donate the Rolex and Dior bag to someone who doesn’t need to risk anything, etc. 

Embrace simpler life, and the opportunities around you will open up a brand-new world for you.

Make a list of everything you think you can’t live without. 

Now, get rid of everything on that list – sell, donate, trash.

Keep only clothes, a few irreplaceable items, and a computer. Everything else can go.

Your junk is holding you back from taking risks and pursuing the life of your dreams. When you eliminate everything that brings you no value, you’re free to risk way more than before. What do you have to lose? Porsche or Rolex watch? Nope, you already got rid of them.

Step 2. Eliminate All Debts

There is no such thing as good debt. Any debt you take on makes it harder to take risks. If you followed the recommendation from Step 1, you sold most of your big-ticket items. Use that money to pay off all your debts and resolve never to take on another again.

If you need to work extra to pay off debts, do so now. Once you’re free from material and financial burdens, you’ll experience real freedom, and taking risks will become second nature.

Step 3. Start Taking Risks

Start small. Now that you have nothing to lose, go ahead and start taking some small risks just to be uncomfortable. The main goal is just to push the boundaries of your comfort zone. 

For example, during rush hour, go to a public place, put on favorite music, and start dancing. Or singing. Or something else that you don’t feel comfortable doing. Do not stop until the song is over. 

Once you’re done, just pack your things and walk out of there like nothing ever happened 😊

Your first uncomfortable task has been accomplished. Now take more small risks, until you’re comfortable enough to make life-changing decisions.


I understand that the idea of taking risks sounds terrifying to most people. It was also for me. But once I reduced my overhead, got rid of a lot of things, and got comfortable with taking risks, my life improved in myriad ways.

I flew around the world, met amazing new people, tried strange-looking foods, had amazing experiences, and so on. 


Once you start taking more risks, there’s a chance you’ll look like a fool in front of a lot of people. You might feel bad when your wife asks where the Porsche went. Or when she asks where is the TV. Or her Dior handbag. But that feeling is just a part of risk-taking.

The truth is, you’ll never achieve your dreams if you don’t try.

And the easiest way to try is to have nothing to lose.



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