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Not Enough

We all have too much.

Too much stuff.

Too much guilt, depression, fear.

Too much stress, anxiety, commitments.

Too much worry, overwhelm, dissatisfaction. 

Too much shit we don’t need.

Too much consumption.

Too much of the wrong things.

Too many attachments and anchors. 

Too many trappings of the consumer culture.

Too many walls we have built around ourselves. 

Golden cages. Our hands in golden handcuffs. 

Blindfolds over our eyes.

Yet, we don’t have enough.

Not enough truth.

Not enough time.

Not enough energy.

Not enough attention.

Not enough gratitude.

Not enough health.

Not enough money.

Not enough courage.

Not enough freedom.

Not enough creation.

Not enough contribution.

Not enough peace.

Not enough laughter.

Not enough important conversations.

Not enough lasting happiness.

Not enough love.

Not enough life.

At least not enough real life. 

Subtract the wrong things.

Add the right ones.

That’s the key to happiness and contentment.



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