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Sad Life

Imagine one day coming home overwhelmed by work, boss, obligations… Your head is pounding and you can’t take it anymore, and then you return home to a messy room. You are irritated and put your clothes on the bed. You’re also hungry, but when you enter the kitchen and see all the mess from the night before, you lose appetite. You’re even angrier and more dissatisfied with your life. 


TV is calling you so you lay on the sofa and start watching it. But 30 minutes later, you catch yourself flipping through the channels. Mindlessly. Nothing is interesting anymore. Same old crap. 


Chin-chin, you hear the sound of a phone in your pocket. A message from a friend. “Do you want to meet?” You’re not in the mood, and your reply: “Naah, not today. I’m busy.” You know it’s a lie and just a shrug is left after sending it.


After scrolling through social media, you feel even worse. Everyone lives their dream lives. And you? Your life is currently like shit. Dirty dishes in the sink, clothes to wash on the floor, no potato chips or beer at home. Pure crap. 


You’re angry like a bull. Everything you lay eyes on is causing you stress. 


Random thoughts form in your mind. After catching one, you realize that your spare bedroom is just full of shit, and takes money and hours from your life. Do the quick math and realize that you could go on a trip to Mexico if you didn’t have that room. And if you sell all the stuff occupying it, you could pay off the credit card debt you have. Stare at the math in disbelief. Take the paper and put it in your mouth. Start chewing. 




Your precious smartphone is just a device to call a friend or send a message. Your TV is just a glowing box full of commercials. A beautiful leather sofa is simply a place to sit. The gorgeous glass chandelier is just an expensive lamp. A set of fine china is nothing more than a bunch of plates and bowls. A big, shiny SUV in the garage is just 36 more months of car loan taking your freedom.  


Realize that all the emotions that accompanied the purchase of your things are now gone, and all that is left is regret and the object itself in its most basic, uninteresting form


Think more.


Make a mental list of the top 5 most expensive things you own. Then make a second list of 5 things that make you happy and full of life. Realize that there is no overlap between the two. Shudder in terror. 




Remember your childhood and how happy and free you were. No loans, no mortgage, no obligations, no work, no stuff. But you were full of ideas, love, and curiosity. You wanted to become an astronaut and explore the vast emptiness of the universe. And now you’re just a sales clerk. 


Cry a little more.


Put on a coat and head outside. 

Start walking.


Consider that, perhaps, you’re more than your stuff, your work, your false identity. 




Walk faster and faster until you run.




Run from the life you’re currently living.


Stop and catch a breath. 


You need a change. Immediate action.


Open your eyes and begin to dream again. 



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