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Say Bye to Your Job with Ease

In the last post we talked about how to escape 9 to 5 using minimalism, and today I will give you 3 valuable pieces of advice before you say sayonara to your job.

Without further ado;

3 Valuable Advices to Know Before You Quit Your Job

1. You Won’t Die

I don’t know why, but people always think the worst when they get fired or decide to quit their job. And everyone around them is not helping with their comments either. “How will you live? It’s not possible in today’s economy. You’re crazy. You’re ruining your life. You’d end up living on the street.”

But let me tell you one thing. They’re just projecting their own fear. In reality, none of these things will ever come true (for most of us). And no – you won’t die. I guarantee you that. Actually, the opposite is true. When I quit my job, I’ve found that the biggest growth opportunities are in front of me, right here, right now, and I’ve never felt more alive. 

Countless opportunities await you when you’re finally free. You can start your own little company, have time to improve your skills and find a better job, travel the world, spend time with your family, etc. There is something to be found for every person, but death is not one of those things. 

Therefore, ignore every horror story you hear and every bad comment from people who are desperately trying to stop you from making a change. When you do it, it will look bad on them because they’ll know they’ve settled for mediocrity.


P.S.: the worst possible thing that could happen to you, if you do this, is probably not nearly as bad as you think. And change is better than you think.

2. Be Confident When Presenting Your Ideas to Friends and Family

One of the biggest challenges, when deciding to quit a day job, is the opinions of others. When you tell your best friend you’re leaving your well-paying job, and dropping out of the rat race to pursue a career as a YouTuber, they’ll look at you like you’re crazy. But it’s okay that they have doubts, you’re making a change and it’s only natural for them to worry.

That’s why it’s important to present your plans with confidence. Don’t hesitate or shake uncontrollably in fear when you tell people what you plan to do. Just say in a firm voice that this is the path you intend to take and they can accept it or not. It’s on them. 

Another option is just to be quiet and do things the way you plan. When you do them, you can tell them how you did it and that it’s possible for everyone.

3. Dare to Dream Crazy Dreams

Everything starts with a dream. And nothing is too crazy to dream about. In fact, if we look at history, everything crazy has been done already, so you might as well do it again. 

Write down an unrealistic goal and start to live and breathe it every single day. If you want to be a horse whisperer, then do it. You have people already doing it, so it’s possible. If you want to be a billionaire, who’s stopping you? Want to send a car to Mars? Well, Elon Musk has already done that, so now it’s your turn. Make it crazy though – only sky is the limit, and trust me, people have been up there too.

One Bonus Tip:

Don’t Let Others Decide Your Fate

Your decision to quit your job and make a change is up to you. No amount of talk and discussions with family or friends will make your decision easier. In fact, the more you talk with them, the harder it will be to do something. 



Don’t spend a year trying to decide to make a change. As the popular brand says: Just do it.



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