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Saying You Want to Change is Not Enough

Every day I see people saying they want to change their lives. 

They want to be better, happier, healthier.

They want to buy this or that.

They want to travel, spend more time with family and friends, eat healthier, exercise more, get out of debt… 

They want to be free.

But saying it, certainly won’t bring them closer to their goal. Wanting life to settle down or change, never resulted in actual change because what we want is not strong enough for change to happen. We can even use all the latest technology, alarms, alerts, apps, a special kind of motivational music, quotes on the wall, calendars, and To-Do lists that are synced across our devices, but nothing will help us unless we decide to help ourselves.

Progress > Movement

There is only one proven technique for achieving our goals, and it is quite simple. 

We need to move our asses and work on our goals every single day

Constant action will bring us where we want to be in life.

We all have movement, but what most of us don’t have is progress. Even if you wake up early, work all day, and go to bed late, that doesn’t mean that you’re progressing. You are only active. Without a purpose, strategy, and clearly defined goals, your movement means nothing.

Lewis Carroll put it best: “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.”

We need to know where we are heading, and more importantly WHY we want to go in that direction. Our WHY needs to be our biggest motivator. Once we have a clearly defined purpose and know our WHY we can start taking baby steps toward our goals – and our future.

Action > Dreaming

We prove what we desire most by our actions, not by wishful thinking, words, and aspirations. We want a better job, but we keep going to the old one day by day, month by month, year by year. We want to get out of debt, but continue spending money on unnecessary things. We want to get in shape, but keep eating junk food, drinking Coke, and running away from exercise like the devil from incense. Having a business is an idea for a long time, yet we do nothing about it. 

Instead, we spend our evenings and weekends watching TV, playing games, and complaining that life is not fair. We want to live simpler lives but continue finding reasons we can’t get rid of unnecessary stuff, and why everything is important. But remember, when everything is important, then nothing is


In each case, what we say we want differs from what we actually pursue. Saying you want something is one thing, doing something about it is the other. Again, we prove what we desire most by our actions, not our words.


Remember: a goal without action is not really a goal, after all, it’s just wishful thinking. I wanted to do many things with my life, but I was just talking, thinking, making goals in my mind. When I finally took an action, then my goals started to materialize. I could see them more clearly day by day, as they took shape. So stop talking and start doing



What do you want the most? What life change do you desire? When you determine what you want, then ask yourself: “Am I taking the steps necessary to achieve my dreams and goals?”, or am I just settling for something else instead?

Focus on the task at hand, move one step at a time, and in a year, I guarantee you will be on the road to the life you have always desired. 


For the end I butchered the quote from Eric Thomas:

As long as you don't want to succeed as much as you want to breathe, you won’t be successful.

Take action and follow your dreams!



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