September 2021

52 Days

It’s important to set aside time for the little things because with time, and practice they can become huge, and change your life forever.

Minimalism Is

While you would get rid of many prized possessions during the decluttering process, the ultimate goal of minimalism is not living like a Spartan warrior. It’s about contentment, happiness, and freedom.

25 Quotes on Silence

We live in a noisy world. Unwanted sounds and noises haunt us wherever we go, so we need more silence in our daily lives.

Don't Upgrade

Don’t waste your time, money, and energy on upgrading your things every year. Appreciate what you have. Live simply. Enjoy the essentials.

5 Proven Ways to Extend Battery Life on Your Gadgets

Today I will go through 5 proven and simple steps to extend battery life on your gadgets.

One Day

One day, to my wife, parents, sister, friends, my children… Yes, I will tell them all this… maybe… one day.

Gratitude from Having Less

We can accumulate as much as we like, but without being grateful for what we already have… count your blessings and be grateful for all of them.

Should You Follow Your Passion?

This is not a post about finding your passion, it’s a post about following it when you already know what it is.