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Simple Life Formulas for Success

I found digital gold and I want to share it with you. None of the formulas are mine, they’re from Indian-American entrepreneur and investor Naval Ravikant, and all praise for the eye-opening wisdom should go directly to him.

These are not definitions – these are algorithms for success.

Happiness = Health + Wealth + Good Relationships

Health = Exercise + Diet + Sleep

Exercise = High Intensity Resistance Training + Sports + Rest

Diet = Natural Foods + Intermittent Fasting + Plants

Sleep = No alarms + 8–9 hours + Circadian rhythms

Wealth = Income + Wealth * (Return on Investment)

Income = Accountability + Leverage + Specific Knowledge

Accountability = Personal Branding + Personal Platform + Taking Risk?

Leverage = Capital + People + Intellectual Property

Specific Knowledge = Knowing how to do something society cannot yet easily train other people to do

 → Return on Investment = Buy-and-Hold + Valuation + Margin of Safety

I hope you find the same value in these words as did I.


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