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I will do it tomorrow

How many times have you said the same sentence?

I will start a business… tomorrow.

I will start eating healthier… tomorrow

I will start exercising… tomorrow.

I will read a novel… tomorrow

I will write a book… tomorrow.

I will declutter my house… tomorrow.

I will learn how to meditate… tomorrow.

I will stop drinking… tomorrow

I will quit smoking… tomorrow.

I will visit a doctor… tomorrow.

I will study harder… tomorrow.

I will show him/her how much I love him/her… tomorrow.

I will be better… tomorrow.

How often do you say this? Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow. Tomorrow is not some mystical land that is hard to reach, tomorrow is right here, right now. Today is nothing more than yesterday’s tomorrow, right?

Not Today - Tomorrow

We say many things we would like to do, but not todaytomorrow. We are too tired, too lazy, too hungry, too thirsty, too sleepy to do it today. That’s why we will start tomorrow. When we are rested, full of energy, and motivated. But the problem is that we say this every single day – putting our goals to some mythical time when everything will be perfect, all conditions aligned with us, and everything we touch will be finished almost by magic. But tomorrow holds no promise of that. Yes, a different date will come up on the calendar, but that won’t change anything. Just a different set of digits. 

Tell me, do you honestly think tomorrow will be different? Will you magically win the lottery and won’t need to go to work? Or will your exams and obligations disappear? Will your body gain muscles and lose fat overnight? Or will you gain so much strength and stamina that you will be capable to endure a hard workout? Will you have so much willpower to quit smoking cold turkey? If yes, please tell me the secret. I am willing to pay for it. 

For most of us, tomorrow is the single most dangerous word in our vocabulary. It gives us the illusion of future possibilities without having to focus on what is important today. Change your vocabulary and say: “I will do it today.” If you wait too long, one day you’re going to run out of tomorrow. And then it will be too late.


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