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‘True Change Today’ posts list changes, challenges, or fast actionable steps that can be taken today to see immediate results.

Purpose: small steps that can change your life forever. Change your life to change your future.

True Change Today actionable steps challenge you in 4 different topics: changes in health, finances, minimalism, and mindset.

All steps require immediate action while motivation is still high, and all of them promise delivery of results if you decide to stick with them.

Try these on your own, with a family member, friend, enemy, or for extra motivation and encouragement, sign up for a One-on-One coaching program with me.

Today’s Challenge - Mindset

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Challenging yourself is always a good way to develop a new habit or to complete a very demanding task.

Today’s challenge is all about books. Books carry centuries of knowledge and wisdom, and we have the opportunity to learn from the world’s best mentors. Considering this, it’s foolish not to read.

I challenge you to read one book per month.

That’s 12 books per year. 


Maybe 12 books sound like a lot, but trust me, it’s not. Once you start reading, pages will flow and soon you will finish your first book. Then the second, then the third, and after 12 months there is a possibility that you will read far more than 12 books.

Just set a goal to read one book per month and after a year your knowledge, vocabulary, concentration, memory, and analytical thinking skills will increase, while stress levels and the risk of dementia will decrease. If you ask me, these are amazing reasons to pick a good book and start reading.

Allocate a specific time in the day to read, eliminate distractions, and read books you enjoy. Always remember to have fun and don’t force it. If you read 1 page a day or 50 pages a day, just take your time and read. There is no rush.

Final Words

Change starts when you decide to change. You are one decision away from a totally different life.

What are you waiting for?


One day or day one. You decide.   



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