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True Change Today – Turn Off the TV

‘True Change Today’ posts list changes, challenges, or fast actionable steps that can be taken today to see immediate results.

Purpose: small steps that can change your life forever. Change your life to change your future.

True Change Today actionable steps challenge you in 4 different topics: changes in health, finances, minimalism, and mindset.

All steps require immediate action while motivation is still high, and all of them promise delivery of results if you decide to stick with them.

Try these on your own, with a family member, friend, enemy, or for extra motivation and encouragement, sign up for a One-on-One coaching program with me.

Today’s Challenge – Mindset

Turn Off the TV

In 2020 the average American spent 2.5 hours daily in front of the TV. I repeat 2.5 hours. And this number is only related to the TV, not to video games, smartphones, tablets, or any other type of screen we use daily.

I challenge you to turn off the TV for at least one week.

Unplug it from the electricity, put a blanket on it, or toss it through the window. Do whatever it takes to stay away from the TV for 5 to 7 days. If you can stay off the TV longer, 2-3-4 weeks, even better. 

I really encourage you to try it. “Why should I do it?”, you may ask.

To reclaim one of the most precious resource you possess – your time. There are so many better things you could do instead of watching TV, such as:

  • Spend time with your loved ones 
  • Prepare a healthy meal from scratch
  • Exercise 
  • Work on your dreams, goals, and plans
  • Go outside into nature
  • Read  
  • Talk to random people on the street
  • Make some extra cash
  • Learn a new skill 
  • Sleep more
  • Etc.

Whatever you choose, enjoy it fully.

I stopped watching TV 7 years ago and never looked back. It’s amazing how much more you notice when you stop watching it. Once you go a while without it, you might be shocked at how noisy, distracting, and irritating TV actually is.

After the Challenge

It’s important to understand that you don’t need to stop watching TV entirely to experience a better quality of life. TV is not inherently bad; it only becomes a problem when we use it as a substitute for our life.

If you find out that your life has suddenly gotten better, try experimenting even more. Go few weeks or even months without the TV. After that, you may realize you don’t even miss it anymore and you have decided to get rid of it and make some money.

Even if you don’t stop watching it completely, but only cut back to an hour a week or even an hour a day, it can have great benefits and create a richer, more fulfilling life for you and your family.

Final Words

Change starts when you decide to change. You are one decision away from a totally different life.

What are you waiting for?


One day or day one. You decide.   



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