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Walking as A Therapy

I don’t like to walk, but sometimes I need it as therapy.

Today I woke up especially stressed, and every word I tried to write didn’t feel good.

Then I was stressed even more.

I decided to take a walk.

I left my house and walked around the block.

And then another block.

And then a little more.

And more. And more. And more.


I didn’t have a specific destination in mind, I just walked to de-stress. 

As cars and buses drove past me, I walked, not polluting the world.

As people rushed to catch the bus or go to work, I walked, slowly, step by step, taking my time.

As others spent their lunch hour eating fat-laden burgers and drinking calorie-punched shakes, or some other cheesy fried dish, I walked and burned calories. 

As others stressed about work, emails, and business meetings, I walked and had time to clear my mind. 

As others were productive and got shit done, I walked and got nothing done.

I walked and watched people, cars, buildings, pets, kids, and loved it. 

I walked for almost an hour, then sat down to rest on a park bench, and then walked for another hour to get back home. Tired, but happy and stress-free. 


I walked and I was free. Truly free.

You need nothing to walk, you spend nothing, you consume nothing, you emit nothing, yet you have everything.


If you have days like me, leave everything and go out for a walk.

When you return, I promise, you’ll feel better.



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