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What is Clutter?

Clutter is nothing more than physical manifestation of our minds.

Clutter Everywhere

Our lives are filled with all kinds of clutter. Physical clutter, emotional clutter, mental clutter, spiritual, and digital clutter. There is so much of it, that is sometimes hard to distinguish what is clutter, and what is not. 


Clutter is everything preventing us from living a life of purpose and meaning.

It makes us feel unsettled and never lets us rest. It’s constantly talking and sending silent messages.

It says we can’t have friends over. “They’ll think the house is a mess.”

It steals our time. “Pay attention to me and take care of me.”

It steals our attention. “Watch me, play me, browse me.”

It steals our joy. “You can’t have fun until you deal with me.”

It makes us exhausted. “Clean me, organize me, don’t forget about me.”

It keeps us guilty. “Why did you buy this if you’re not using it now?”

It robs us of our freedom. “You can’t go because I’ll miss you, and you’ll miss me.”

It steals our dreams and desires. “You’re too attached to me to ever let go and try something new.”

Clutter is not just the stuff on your floor - it's anything that stands between you and the life you want to be living.

Clutter is a sneaky little player. It conspires with fear, guilt, and shame to keep us bogged down. It’s weighing us down, and preventing us from living the life we were supposed to live. The problem is that clutter can become so overwhelming that to even try and declutter a little can feel defeating. So instead, we give up and live in the piles of our postponed decisions.

The Origin of Clutter

Clutter is nothing more than postponed decisions.

Clutter is often the result of unmade or postponed decisions. It emerges its ugly head from indecision.

Our homes are full of stuff because we haven’t decided where to place them, and we have clutter in our lives because we haven’t taken control and decided what’s important to us and what’s not.

Simply, when we don’t make decisions or postpone them, we end up with clutter. 

And if we start making those postponed decisions, then we clear a lot of clutter from our lives without even trying. 

Just think, if everything in our home has a place, and we decide to return things back when we finish with them – clutter won’t exist any longer. And if we work on our goals, dreams, and priorities in life, we will be so focused that we won’t even have time to clutter our lives with unnecessary things, destructive relationships, bad habits, gossip, drama, politics, news, social media, and comparison.

How to Stop Clutter?

Clutter is everywhere.

Today is the day to put an end to it. It’s time to kick him out of our lives.

The easiest way to stop material clutter from entering our lives and homes is at the store. The hardest time to say no to clutter is once it’s crossed the front door of our home.

The easiest way to stop emotional, mental, and spiritual clutter from entering our lives is to include the word NO in our vocabulary and then use it often. The hardest time is when we are already overcommitted but keep saying YES to new responsibilities. 

The easiest way to de-clutter is to ask a simple question: “Does this thing, obligation, commitment, or habit serve a purpose or bring me joy?” If the answer is No, let it go. The hardest way to de-clutter is when we lie to ourselves that everything is important. But remember: When everything is important, then nothing is.


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